Single Selection #4: Salt is God by You-Z feat. GUMI

This week we have Salt is God by You-Z! I’ve never heard of this producer before at all so we’re going at this blind. Whoever chose the song, you the real mvp. Now I wasn’t sure where this belongs video or single. I couldn’t find much about this song but I did learn that You-Z tracks are…weird. I’m not sure what to expect as I’ve heard Hachune and the pantsu song with Rin.(Don’t ask why, friends can be butts sometimes.) Also sorry for being here and there with articles, life can hinder my free time. GUMI is the voice of this song so I should enjoy this. Good thing I’m not salty right now. Sorry couldn’t resist.

Track #1: Salt is God

This intro to the song is pretty nice with chimes, I think? The song from then begins to speed up and escalate to … gosh dang it. Everything is just, what did I just listen to? Now GUMI sings like she’s from Slatoon. Her singing is just so loud why. Just why. T.T My ears can’t stand this. The helium sounding parts have at least a tune to it. The screaming parts are fitting for a rock sound. What I enjoyed about this song the most way maybe the chipmunk sounding GUMI. Later in the song she goes even higher in pitch. Maybe high c high, but all I know is turn the volume down a lot at about 2:15 or your ears are gonna not like it. I was unlucky to be the one to have my volume up. IGN 10/10 ITS A MASTERPIECE! Seriously though, the song was done well even though its a bit loud. 6.5/10 too loud and ear piercing.

Back from the dead to write.


P.S. I’ll fully return some day.

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