terra (Review by Deathspark)

13th album review already and I think you may see the trend now on what I usually like to talk about. Anyway, its terra (惑星), an album worth listening to if you needed to know who whoo is. (Get it? Who whoo? Never mind…) This album is interesting, so give it a go. Thank god whoo is famous enough for me to find English subtitles easily or else I’d be running around trying to hunt a leprechaun.

Album: terra
Genre: Calm/Light Rock
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/terra/id419582450
Tracks: 8
Song Highlight: All songs except the songs with terra in them. (Track 1 and 7)

The intro sort of gives you a preview of what to expect in the album. It sounds distorted, but I guess it was on purpose because it gives you a broken record like feeling. Of course I didn’t super like this, it was just like a preview.

What I like

Parades (Track 2) just like its title says, feels indeed like a parade. Very deep meaning, I barely can make up what its message truly is. Have a look:
I may have a feeling what it tries to convey. It’s like metaphor after metaphor about life. It’s really hard to say what it exactly means because it could have multiple meanings. But, without the subtitles, I like the song because it feels exactly what the title tells me, a cheerful parade.

Travelling Mood (Track 3) feels like a country styled road trip music. It has that swing and slow guitar strum that makes it so much awesome. The song itself does talk about how it feels like when travelling. Here you go:
I seriously like this track so much. If you are on your way to a village or some kind of old Texas town or something, well this song is your best bet. It would fit your trip. If you love guitars, this one emphasizes guitar a lot and you’d fall in love with this in a few seconds into this song.

Fireworks (Track 4) was probably the first whoo track I may have listened to. Can’t recall, but it sparks a lot of memories for me. The times when you find stuff in Youtube and see who is awesome and who is not. I like how rich the sounds are. You can hear every instrument and none of them are overshadowed. All of them work together in perfect harmony. Oh, right. The video:
Though, once again the meaning can be a little hard to interpret. Sure the title says fireworks, but why? My first thought by looking at the title was, is this how I will feel like when I watch fireworks? Well, it certainly does if I’m in a village. I guess that’s what the song was trying to say. How it feels when you watch it. It does mention about watching the sky and trying to hold it or something, so yeah maybe that’s where they emphasize on watching the fireworks.

Intimacy (Track 5) has a strong emphasis on guitar as well. If you like country styled guitar strumming; then please listen to this. This song does not have a lot of singing in it, but it does have a lot of guitar in it. Not much meaning to it though, just a few lines in repetition. Here:
So yeah, guitar lovers, you will like this.

Dear Prudence (Track 6) is, well, I don’t know why it’s called Dear Prudence, but I really liked the song. But when I read the subtitles, it has a strong relation to, summer? Sure, it does fit that, but why the title Dear Prudence? Here:
Maybe it’s like telling a story to Prudence? What is Prudence? Well, the dictionary says it means cautiousness. Oh, now I may get what it means. It probably is directed to the person’s own cautiousness. That’s unexpected and cool at the same time.

Time and a Word (Track 8) was apparently the last song, not terra (Re;Birth), but I may see why. It’s not a Vocaloid song. Here you go:
It’s probably talking about hoping to stop time as he observes around him. Probably, whoo songs are usually vague. Who knows? It could mean nothing. Like, trying to freeze a beautiful scenery perhaps in this song. Once again, guitar lovers, you’ll like this.

What I don’t like

Nothing really, maybe the songs with the names terra on it…?

Personal Opinions

Like I said in the “What I don’t like section”, maybe with the names terra on it. terra (Re:Birth) (Track 7) feels like an ending, but no! This is not the ending, so, whatever, it’s not really that great, but I can’t dislike it either because it’s sort of like an epilogue or something? Whatever.


If you are an absolute sucker to country music or love guitars, well this album is a must have. If you didn’t, get it now.

Should you buy this album? : Yes, provided if you are a guitar lover. Doesn’t matter if you are not though.
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Yes
Reason: I like how the whole album has a very country theme to it. Usually when people say Vocaloids, they’d point to big hitters like livetune, 8Prince or Mitchie M. I’d dare point to whoo because Vocaloids can take on country genres as well. 🙂

4/5, I’d buy this album any day.

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  1. Call me crazy, but “Parades” sounds like what would happen if Coldplay themselves ever decide to produce vocaloid music, and the whole album sounds very British pop-esque.

    That being said, this is also one of my top “indie” vocaloid albums, truly one of a kind.

    • Well we all have our own opinions! 🙂

      I’m not really a fan of Coldplay, but I can see what you’re talking about. Glad to see people liking this album like I do!

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