Dead Ball Project vol. 1 (Review by Deathspark)

Landing onto the 36th album review, this time it’s an album requested, and as usual I don’t remember from whom or what. One thing I can say however, the name is familiar to me. Dead Ball Project vol. 1 is an album I have never touched or explored before. In fact, all I know is, I’ve heard this name before. Anyway enough chit chat, let’s just see if I’ll enjoy this. This is a very old album by the way, all the way from 2008, but that does not mean I’ll give it a handicap, no mercy as usual.

Album: Dead Ball project vol. 1
Genre: Orchestra/Electronica
Tracks: 14 Tracks
Song Highlight: 木枯らしの朝 [Track 3]

This album does not have an intro, which makes sense I suppose because when I searched up volume 1, apparently there are 5 more volumes I have yet to explore…

What I like

木枯らしの朝 (Cold wintery wind of morning based on Google Translate) [Track 3] instantly reminded me of Atelier Iris where I wander around the world map. The feeling gives me a skip around how a village should feel like. Bustling with sounds and drums here and there, this song gives me that feeling. In fact, if I slapped this song onto any Harvest Moon game, I’d enjoy this song very much. It’s utilization of wind instruments is amazing, which is why I love it. This song is definitely a go if you want to go hiking or entering a village, or something…

What I don’t like

Usually, I’d say the song is too slow or, something? This album doesn’t have a lot of slow songs I must say, but they just didn’t catch my attention enough, so that’s quite unfortunate, not sure if they are old or the charm just isn’t there.

However, I can give an honorary mention to 金の聖夜霜雪に朽ちて(Kogane no Seiya Sousetsu ni Kuchite, don’t even try to Google Translate it, trust me…) Anyway, this song gives me the shills because it reminded me of when I played Project Diva. Yes, I recalled this song because it screwed me up a lot due to its difficulty. What a Christmas song it was, and magically it’s sitting in this album, which was bittersweet for me. However, as much as the nostalgic factor hits me, I was still going “Meh” on this song, but at least I had to shout it out. It’s not a bad song, maybe just lost its charm after a long time…

Another thing I’d like to point out is SUPER DEADBALL BEAT (Track 13). It’s a super duper long track, 10 minutes long. Unless you liked whatever that’s in the album, this is almost a recap of what you’ve listened earlier in the album, which of course didn’t catch me a lot since it was so long. All I can say is, if you are a sucker of Deadball-P, this is marvelous?

Oh and uh, デッドボールPの恋したいラジオ (Something about a radio, or something… Once again, just google translate and you’ll understand what I mean) [Track 14] is NOT a song, it’s a radio, thing? Unless you know Japanese (Which I don’t know too much about…), this is worth skipping. I don’t even know what the guys are saying in this track, so unless you know Japanese, skip this.


This album contains various tastes and styles, recommended if you want to somehow see what Deadball-P is good at.

Should you buy this album? : Maybe? (50%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Most probably not (10%)

Deadball-P just doesn’t suit my style I suppose, but that does not mean I officially declare that Deadball-P’s works are bad, that’s because I have yet to listen more. I have 5 more volumes to go, so before I put the “No thank you” onto the name, I’d like to see how many songs are impressive enough to stay in my hall of fame. Oh, what is my hall of fame? Perhaps an article for another day!

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  1. I sincerely regret that you enjoyed it.
    to me this album I was shocked in a positive I was kidnapped from the original sound and progressive with a text that surprised me even more. The real Deadball problem is that it is “too partisan” he is black or white. You either love or hate him, there are no middle ground. For me or tells expressed or Miku door and also in subsequent volumes rin len kaito meiko luka gakupo in a world of desires and follies unfortunately translations are few and inaccurate, but from a musical point of view is one of a kind. Sounds, instruments of all kinds with a harmony song from 70 years often I get to do this association, it is perhaps a little too attached with Christmas songs in Japan have more sentimental and religiously: D

    Council / request: some review Yuxuki Waga and yusukeP? Are completely opposite from DeadballP and I love them but have now disappeared from circulation … you know if you are still in business?

    PS: Sorry for my BAD English!

    • I didn’t enjoy ALL of the songs, just one song. Yes, Deadball’s song style is different compared to ordinary songs, which can be cool if you ask me instead of your typical set of songs everyone would just be bored of. I personally felt that the songs would’ve been better. I’ve reviewed lods of Yuxuki Waga, not yusukeP. Request albums to me and I’ll talk about them! I believe Yuxuki Waga is still making music? But not sure for yusukeP however as I don’t have enough intel about him.

  2. Bruh, there are already 7 volumes (the last on 17/08/2014 )
    I really liked /Hidden (Negi de G, Negi de G xD) its a very catchy song.
    Its very weird to have those weird sexualized songs and those really cute…

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