Album Review Request for Deathspark (Album list included)

As some of you know, I constantly review albums weekly on mikudb. I always come up with random albums that I come across, but most of them are usually albums that I already like and are already familiar with, which can be a little boring because I’m only doing what I like. So instead of just talking about what I always like, let’s hear what all of you have to say! 😀

Click here to recommend me your favorite album!

Please fill out this survey and you’re good to go!

Q&A I guess some of you may want to ask? (I listed a lot so you don’t have to, I hope…)

1. What kind of albums do you prefer?
Personally, I don’t care. I can listen to any genre, it’s just how the song catches my attention and makes me step into another world.

2. Is there a specific type of albums on what we can request?
The only specific type I will set is Vocaloid related albums, after all it’s mikudb. It’d be weird for me to review a random album which is not Vocaloid related here now wouldn’t it?

3. When will my submitted album be reviewed?
It depends on how early you submit it. The more people submitting reviews, the longer it has to wait. Of course, personally message me here in mikudb if you’d like to know specifically when the album is to be reviewed .

4. Can I request by sending you a personal message instead?
You can, but I wouldn’t recommend it because I may forget or not check it earlier. Just tell me everything you want in the form above and I’ll listen to what you have to say.

5. In the form, can I request more than one album?
Of course you can, but please don’t overload it, I may miss an album or two.

6. How do I put the album name, just copy and paste the album name?
That’s what people would normally do, but I’d highly recommend you to explicitly put the name exactly how it’s spelled and to increase the chances of me finding the album if I don’t have it. Link me to the artist or the album itself so I have no worries in reviewing the particular album. You can do this in the third section of the form.

7. I have no albums I want you to review, I just want to talk to you!
Please don’t fill this form if you don’t have any albums you’d like me to review. If you wish to speak me, message me here in mikudb, I’ll reply when I have the time.

8. Is it possible if you can review more than just albums?
Well, I won’t say no, but I am specifically asking for album reviews here, so if you want me to review something else that is Vocaloid related, message me instead. This includes: Fan made games, videos, individual songs and whatever that is not an album

9. I hate your reviews!
I don’t know why you’re here… if you don’t like them, don’t read them. I’ve prepared two sections for you to voice out in the survey, so don’t ever say I never listened.

10. I have requested you to review an album in a comment on your review, where is it?!
As I have stated earlier in requesting through a personal message, I have a tendency to forget, so if you could kindly just use this form instead? No worries, I will add this link to every single review I make starting from this post.

11. Why did you make 10 Q&A questions I would probably not ask?
I’m not a mind reader or a psychic, I’m listing down possibilities and questions on what I may ask if I were to request from someone. If you have any more questions, feel free to comment here on this review. Of course, not asking for album reviews, about this album request itself.

That’s pretty much all of it. tl;dr, if you want me to review an album, kindly use the link provided thank you very much.

List of albums that had already been reviewed

1. Desktop Cinderella
2. emonloid 5
3. galaco SUPER BEST
4. Early Early
5. Light Falls
6. Fragments
7. Tell Your World
8. Planetary Plate
9. Sekiranun Graffiti
10. 音色2.0
11. Homeland
13. terra
14. Color Complex
15. 相愛性理論
17. Vibgyor
18. Story of Hope
19. Miku Scream E.P.
20. スノウ・ダンス
21. Snow Song Show
22. Magical Mirai 2014
23. Magical Mirai 2015
24. Mikxperience e.p.
25. Unhappy Refrain
28. Miku Pack 05
29. KARENT presents Hopeful Snow feat. 初音ミク
30. Twinkle World
32. EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Entrance Dream Music
33. 月の詩 I – ツキノウタ
35. LESS
36. Dead Ball Project vol. 1
37. years
38. Contents
39. Circle Jerk Galactic
40. Cielo
42. Re:Dial
43. MOtOLOiD Acoustic Library
44. Download feat.初音ミク
45. Eschatology
46. Fables of Farewell
47. Lines of Logic
48. No Title +
49. No Title –
50. Nostalgic
51. So What

NOTE: If you request any of these albums listed, I will not do it again. If possible, search for the album you want to request here first before sending an album to me. Duplicates will also not mean I will review the same album twice. You get the idea.

  1. if it’s Vocaloid related, how about getting start on reviewing some few Utaite albums? (If you don’t know Utaite, it is a Japanese term for people who cover previously released songs and post them on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube under the utattemita category.) There are quite a lot of Utaite albums it seems.

    • Go ahead, it’s anonymous after all, so I won’t know who submitted the albums. I’ll just pickup the albums I have yet to review and ignore the ones I have already reviewed.

  2. I’d like to make one thing clear if you want to request a song.

    Since I work here in mikudb, I’ll only be reviewing Vocaloid AND Utaus or, whatever that has a relation with Vocaloids ONLY. Any other album that is not associated with Vocaloids in any way whatsoever will be neglected, even if they are brilliant. Sorry for doing this, but unless I work in a completely different blog or something, I could consider it. Nevertheless, thank you for requesting! I’ve received 36 responses and I hope more will come, thanks!

  3. can you please review usushio and norishio?They’re like no title+/- but they have more rearrangements and reol is sing all the songs.

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