MIKU MIXTURE (Review by Deathspark)

Finally on the 27th album, sorry for the wait. It was unintentional. Just in case you did not read my previous article, my laptop broke down so I was unable to do stuff. So after spring cleaning and getting back whatever I need on my new laptop. Let’s get to a new album shall we? MIKU MIXTURE is a mix of a bunch of musicians in one album. I’ll take about ’em as we go down the list.

Genre: Various
Link: https://itunes.apple.com/jp/album/miku-mixture/id804603244
Tracks: 15 Tracks (Disc 1) and 3 Videos (Disc 2)
Song Highlight: ゴージャスビッグ対談 (Gorgeous Big Conversation) (Track 7) [Disc 1], 39 (Track 8) [Disc 1], セイヴザプリンセス (Save the Princess) (Track 9) [Disc 1], Snow Song Show (Track 12) [Disc 1], 39 (millstones D&B-Influenced Remix) (Track 13) [Disc 1], Snow Song Show (siinamota poncotsu remix) (Track 14) [Disc 1].

NEW FORMAT: I realize my reviews are usually personal opinions, so that means if I don’t like something, it should fall into what I don’t like even if it does not fit my taste. It does say what I don’t like, so if I say I don’t like it, that does not mean you shouldn’t like it, remember that. Therefore, I’m removing personal opinions because I feel like it’s unnecessary after writing for quite some time. Of course, if I do not state the track at all in a review, that simply means I don’t hate it or like it.

No intros jump right into the songs!

What I like

ゴージャスビッグ対談 (Gorgeous Big Conversation) (Track 7) [Disc 1] is by Pinocchio-P and Utsu-P, WHAT?! You’re mixing 2 demigods of music into one song?! Result? Wow, this is quite good. At first, it feels a little weird listening to it, but eventually I liked it as I listened further. The video is a little weird, as usual:
Makes me question humanity at times… Anyway, I must say this has its proper amount of brutality and insanity at once. For a weird song to go along with hard rock, it works, kinda…

39 (Track 8) [Disc 1] by DECO*27 has been reviewed here:

セイヴザプリンセス (Save the Princess) (Track 9) [Disc 1] is by sasakure.UK and Oster Project, and you can feel Oster’s piano style going with sasakure’s touch of 8 bit and wonders. I really love how this song perfectly combines both sasakure and Oster’s excellent music making skills though I’m not a fan of Oster. I love the fact I can enjoy it so much because it’s light, uplifting and cheery. No subs, damn it, why do all the songs I like do not have subs, oh well.

Snow Song Show (Track 12) [Disc 1] by DECO*27 has been reviewed here:

39 (millstones D&B-Influenced Remix) (Track 13) [Disc 1] is somehow a good remix of the song 39. It doesn’t remove the feeling from the original song and gives it a new feeling. That’s how remixes should be. It should give you an almost same feeling, but a different experience. They’re like two different songs, but this one is very energetic. You can feel it with the snare drums and fast beats playing at the background, and that does not hinder Miku’s melody, which is perfect. Overall, if you need an energetic version of 39, this is good.

Snow Song Show (siinamota poncotsu remix) (Track 14) [Disc 1] is also another good remix on the original song, Snow Song Show. It’s amazing I could find good remixes on songs like these. In fact, in this version, it feels more Christmas-ish with more jingles and bells! It also gives you a good vibe, almost the same melody, but a different experience. I know, it sounds a little familiar, but the experience is entirely different, like, it’s pretty much a different alternate version of Snow Song Show, which is wonderful. At least I have a reason now to play the same track twice without anyone saying it’s the same song.

What I don’t like

Walk (Track 5) [Disc 1] by 椎名もた×宮沢もよよ (Shiina and this, Miyazawa Moyoyo guy again? I heard his name before in a past review…) is quite disappointing. Seriously, it was fine at first, and then at the end, it just goes, what…? There is a part where suddenly the whole thing goes distorted and, ruined the whole thing. Imagine taking a nice walk and suddenly get your crotch kicked by a random stranger, this song does it well.

一緒に行こうよ、幸せな未来へ (Let’s go together, to the happy future, based on Google Translate) (Track 6) [Disc 1] is a song by ざにお×うたたP (Zanio and Utata-P) was quite amazing at first! But just like Track 5, I bloody swear… Is it a theme to mess up the song? I get it, it’s called MIKU MIXTURE, but you shouldn’t mash up the entire thing! It sounds awful! Geez, if I were to describe this song, it’s like getting my crotch kicked again!

なきむしでんき( Crybaby Electricity, based on Google Translate) (Track 10) [Disc 1] is by Kikuo and ATOLS, and boy this song is weird… Like, I don’t know what to feel, I was constantly wondering what this song is supposed to make me feel. Like, there’s constant random sounds here and there and themes keep changing… I don’t know what to say, I personally dislike it…


The 3 videos are songs available in the album already. So there’s nothing much I can say about them. If you want an album to somehow experiment what you like, this is it.

Should you buy this album? : Maybe? (50%)
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Nope! (10%)

The album does have a few tracks, but they are tracks I could get from other albums aside from the remixes and a few exceptions, well, 2 exceptions.

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