MIKU-HOP LP (Review by Deathspark)

The 41st album is a requested album. Like I said last time, I shall be reviewing the albums you guys out there (or the same person…) had requested, so let’s get on with that. This one here is called MIKU-HOP LP. I seriously have no idea what to expect, and I obviously have not seen these artists before. So, without further ado, let’s dig in.

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Link: https://stripeless.bandcamp.com/album/stl001-mikuhop-lp [It’s free by the way!]
Tracks: 13 Tracks
Song Highlight:

I would safely assume Da MikuHop (Track 1) is an intro to the album. What do I have to say? Well I guess I’ll be expecting Hip Hop or rapping. Let’s see what we’ll get then, or should I say, is my prediction true? I’m a sucker for the scratches of the disc, I hope this intro is a visualization of what I’ll get.

What I like

チョコレートサンデー [Chocolate Sundae based on Google Translate] (Track 8) sort of got it right. It’s not extremely slow but has a consistent pace. I like how this Hip Hop is a little upbeat, reminds me of the good old times. It’s funky and calming at the same time. I’d gladly play this any day if I want to remind myself about the past. The part that made me love it so much is the piano. It just feels so good listening to it. It made me imagine a guy playing a piano while a singer sings to her heart’s content in an old record label.

What I don’t like

瓦礫の塔のキメラ[Chimera of rubble of the tower based on Google Translate] (Track 2) is a little, weird… I know how Hip Hop should be, but the song just feels like, garbled noises and, a little irritating I must say. Not to mention it’s slow and not exciting. I want to have that Jet Set Radio soundtrack kind of feeling. Yes, it has that vibe, a little, but I still can’t feel it. Just, a little too slow and confusing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Jet Set Radio’s soundtrack. It’s funky hip hop that just makes me excited. This? Not so…

I can say the same forミッキーマウス [Mickey Mouse based on Google Translate] (Track 3), Fever [FINALLY A NAME I DON’T HAVE TO TRANSLATE!] (Track 9) and 風の午後と凪の夕べ [Evening in the afternoon and the calm of the wind based on Google Translate] (Track 10).

Exceptions to灯 [Lamp or Light, based on Google Translate] (Track 4), ハッピー・ハンモック [Happy hammock based on Google Translate] (Track 5), まっくらまっくらドリーム Remix [Pitch black dark Dream Remix based on Google Translate] (Track 6), ユメ [Dream based on Google Translate] (Track 11), Reflection Eternal (Miku Reflects) (Track 12) and 透明に毀れる[Destroyed transparent based on Google Translate] (Track 13) as they don’t sound too bad, just a little too slow or boring to me. Not confusing or weird in any way however.

放課後はライムマスター [After school lime master] (Track 7) almost caught my attention, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. I suppose this album is meant for people who like slow music, definitely not for me. The song felt like an old school rap battle. I didn’t really like this song, but I felt that it had potential.


This song may fit for certain people. If you are a die-hard fan of hip hop, you may like this with a Vocaloid twist.

Should you buy this album? : Maybe…? (40%) [It’s free anyway, so no purchase necessary!]
Will Deathspark buy this album? : Most probably not (10%)

There wasn’t a song that made me go half insane or something. They were really, meh, but since it’s free, I’ll just take it I suppose.

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  1. I was interested to see a review of this album because I really like it. I suppose I can understand why it might miss some peoples’ tastes. I think it’s more of an avant-garde hip hop album, at least for a number of the songs. There is a second album, Miku Hop LP2: Border, which, given your review of this one, you probably wouldn’t like. Still free tho, if you wanna check it out.

    • As long as it’s requested, I will review it! 😉 No worries, no matter how bad an album is, I will try to find an advantage (If I can) because I am not similar to everyone, therefore, I can’t judge as equally as everyone else.

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