December’s Report

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Hola, Kyro here.

Last month, the DBteam has uploaded 27 new entries, fixed the links to 143 entries, and standardised 233 entries. If you’d like to see precisely what have changed, please visit the #mdb_log channel on our Discord server.

The number above is better than our November’s record. However, it’s still a piddling amount of changes made in comparison to our database as a whole. On the bright side, once these changes are made, especially on the links that we fixed, it is unlikely for us to look at these again. I expect more work to done in January; since we will be on our breaks. No promises though, we could be occupied with other personal matter.

>Hey Kyro, what’s up?

For these past few weeks, I have received a couple of messages from kind-hearted fellows wishing to aid us with donations. I praised their enthusiasm and I am also not opposed to the notion of receiving donations. However, I have to decline their offer at the moment since we still haven’t developed any solid plans on taking in donations. Yun did have a donation plan made back when we were developing the new Mikudb. Unfortunately, that plan had to be postponed indefinitely due to an unforeseen turn of events. We will open up booth for donations some time in the future, at the earliest, before February. The exact process of it will be revealed later. For now, I’d like to make it obvious as to what will happen to the money that has been donated.

They’ll be used in the same manner as to how the money generated with the ad revenue is used; for server bills. And just like the ad revenue, surplus donations made will be used on the next bill payment, up to 4 payments. Surplus money received that exceeds 4 bill payments will be kept to be used for either; acquisition of new assets, improvement of existing assets, supporting producers anonymously, and other to-be-planned stuff. Unlike ad revenues, for donations, the database will be priority 1. Since if a user wishes to support the producers themselves, they could have done so via the producer’s patreon or legal tender. So, by donating to the database, they make it clear it is their intention to support the database itself.

I also would like to make it obvious that donations to the Database is very appreciated but not necessary for its survival. The database can very well subsist entirely on ad revenue in its current state. However, the sooner we can fill up the bill pool, the sooner we can acquire new assets and/or improve our current ones. Meaning we could provide better and faster services. And as always, we will pocket none of the revenue/donations made; all of it will go to the database for its well-being.

That’s all from me for now. I still owe you peeps that FAQ post, I am still collecting them questions so I can clear them all in one go. Oh, and not to forget, Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year. May this year be kind to us and if it not, may we endure the worst of it.

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