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Hey folks, Kyro here.
The time has come. We are finally opening up to donations again.
If you’d like to donate to the database, please contact the Secretary at tsuyori#8443. Bear in mind that the transaction may take a while as Tsuyori may be busy at the time. Also, we have decided that it’s best if all of the donations and its transactions are done in total private. We will withhold any and all information pertaining to the donations on our end. We will however, be transparent when it comes to how the money and when the money was spent.

Just for the sake of clarification, allow me to explain once more regarding on the whole donation thing:

What are the donations for?
They are to be used for paying the database’s yearly upkeep; for server bills. Surplus donations made will be used on the next bill payment, up to 4 payments.

What if the amount of donation made exceeds the yearly upkeep and its insurance?
Surplus money received that exceeds 4 bill payments will be kept to be used for either; acquisition of new assets, improvement of existing assets, and other to-be-planned stuff. Unlike the ad revenue, money gained from donations will be prioritised for the database’s use since the only reason for one to donate to the database is to support it.

Will you make profits off the donations and ad revenues?
No on all accounts. We will pocket exactly none of these. The database will remain a non-profit entity. All proceeds made will go to either maintaining or improving the database’s well-being and acquiring new entries.

Do we really need to donate?
Nope. I’ll make it obvious that donations to the Database is very appreciated but not necessary for its survival. The database can very well subsist entirely on ad revenue in its current state. However, the sooner we can fill up the bill pool, the sooner we have the surplus money to acquire new assets for the database and/or improve our current ones. Therefore, donating to the database will directly contribute to the progress of it having better features.. And getting a few odd and rare albums from odd places.

What’s up with all of the secrecy?
To put it bluntly, it’s for the database’s and the donator’s safety. Notoriety/popularity is a costly resource.

How do I donate?
Just contact Mikudb’s secretary, Tsuyori at @tsuyori#8443 in private and she will walk you through the process. Or contact her via if you have an aversion to Discord for whatever reason.


If you have any further inquiries regarding to donations, shoot us up a question down in the comment section or ping us on our Discord server.

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