Don’t Regret – Album Review by TheImmortalHottentot

Hello MikuDB! Today, I’ll be reviewing Don’t Regret by Sander-P, an English Vocaloid metal album that I’ve been glancing over for a while now. A couple days ago, Sander released a new single called Feral Words (although the track itself is called “Existence,” not really sure why he used two different names but oh well), and as I was listening to it I realized that I had never listened to his full album, so here we are.

On Bandcamp the album is tagged as “black metal,” “metalcore,” and “strange metal.” The instrumentation does exhibit a metalcore style in the riffs, vocals, and use of breakdowns, but I can also see some black metal-like influence in the sound and atmosphere. I’d also say that the “strange” tag is fitting, as the vibe in many of the songs feels odd to me, which I enjoy. Overall, the instrumentation is well-done, yet not super polished and clean, which I believe contributes to the feel of the album.

The weakest point of this album is in the vocals. In most of the songs, the words seem like they are laid overtop of the music without flowing with the instrumentation well. I’m not sure if this is a stylistic choice or if it’s because the producer is Russian, but it’s not a sound that I typically like. Additionally, the screams are messy and the vocals generally lack dynamic variation. The upside of all of this is that it contributes to the dark and strange feel of the album. The melodic chords mix with dissonant notes and lifeless voices to create an unusual ambiance.

Some of the tracks that I liked were “Awakened,” “Blood and Smoke,” and “Wrath of Wolves,” and my favorite track is probably “He Who Smiles On All,” which I actually enjoyed the vocals for.
“Night” exemplifies the dark and strange atmosphere of the album and its black influence.
“Black Earth” and “Don’t Regret” were my least favorites.

Overall, I like this album. The more I listen to it, the more I find I can accept the parts I don’t like and enjoy its strengths. I would recommend this album to metal fans and anyone looking for more English Vocaloid material. It’s available for free on Sander-P’s Bandcamp, so it’s worth checking out no matter what you’re into.

Feel free to share your opinions and recommendations! Thanks for reading!


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