Featured Video Of The Week #8



This may be a strange thumbnail for a Miku article but don’t worry it’s completely Miku related. So it was without huge surprise that the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s 14th Band Corps also chose this song for an event honoring the JGSDF 15th Infantry’s 61st anniversary. But when the announcer said “we have something different planned for today,” it wasn’t the song that she was referring to. The song chosen was Senbonzakura for those wondering. This video was chosen merely because it’s not everyday you see a self-defence force dance to VOCALOID music. The break dancing starts after a clarinet player is late to his position after the performance begins. So what do you do when you can’t play music? You bust out those old b-boy moves of course! He pulls out his bro and with a little convincing he joins in on the fun. One by one they all come out and start joining in. Even some random bystanders start joining in and dancing to the music. If this was planned out then that might explain the guy in crutches, unless that was because on an on the job incident then nv.



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