Got any question or ideas? Help us now!

As the spring arrived, we want to work and improve our beloved MikuDB website again. Got any question related to mikudb? Got any nice ideas you wanna share with us? Now is the ideal time!

We always love to read feedbacks and our visitor thoughts. You can write your question below comments and we will answer! Anything bothering you? Go on!

Also, I got some stuff I would like to rework. Especially the homepage. I simply feel like the homepage still is not well made and is terribly lacking. I gonna focus on that. The next thing is the graphic and overall how the albums are displayed. This might be the last big update you guys will see until June.

But I might oversee something and that is why I am asking you all, is there anything you would like to improve? Anything new you would like to see on MikuDB? Some new section, content? Let us know!

  1. I really appreciate this site and your efforts for its making.
    People who cant afford to buy on and go to a different country might as well stop by here first before buying the original CD(which is a superior choice for supporting the artists) soon in the near future.

    Though I’m already satisfied with the site’s design(still good though if you improve it more), my only~uhm~hassle is the filter box when going to charts and searching albums…I suggest the filter box to have a bit more tweaks especially the “Genre” by having combinations of it..ex. ballad+rock+pop, techno+upbeat+hip hop, etc..all at the same time because Vocaloid music is vast and people has their own styles in regards with music. But as of now Im comfortable with the current to exercise my hands and do a bit of browsing.

    That’s my only request and I’ll support til the very end..

    p.s I’ll join soon but I’m still choosing if I’ll be a staff or just a member

  2. I can’t wait to see what the new homepage will look like! As for suggestions, these are pretty trivial, but it would like be great if clicking on the cover art on an album’s page could display a larger version of the cover, and if the album’s producer could be listed along with the title (when the album isn’t a compilation) on the album browsing pages.

  3. can you upload file on another hosting file please? i hate mega and if you can i give you solution, you upload file on solidfiles.

      • using solidfiles is a solid suggestion actually. it’s even faster than mega on me (for the download).

        haven’t checked the upload speed though, and MEGA’s 2048-bit RSA is a gothsend.
        so, yeah. will keep using MEGA for now.

  4. Maybe change the rating out of 10 or add halves to the 5 to make the top chart lists less clustered…. I guess
    Also, can we have a watch-list sort of thing that queues albums to download for later? I sorta want my favorites list to be a list of my favorite works instead of it being a list of stuff I want to dl for later.
    just suggestions ( :


    This is a thing that I personally would really like to see implemented.
    A system that will allow users to subscribe to email notifications based on album tags.

    Example to explain it better.
    In database I find a producer, whos works I really like, say ゆよゆっぺ。
    I would like to be informed, when there are new works from the same author uploaded.
    So I subscribe to tag/author ゆよゆっぺ。
    Next time the album containing that name in author field is uploaded, I recieve email notification like: “you are recieving this notification because you subscribed to tag “ゆよゆっぺ”, there is a new upload containing this tag, to browse it’s page use the following link, blah-blah”.

    This shouldn’t be too difficult to implement, and would be much more convenient that manually checking DB periodicaly.

  6. I think this site is great. I just joined so I can be a part of the information, since I am an active Vocaloid musician. I hope that the site can get a little more stable sometime. The HTML is a bit… buggy atm… <3
    ~Ikaros イカロス

  7. Looking forward to the forthcoming updates! 🙂

    I’ve got a bit of feedback, things that would really improve my experience using the website.

    Starting with the album submission page, the pop-up lists with suggestions seem to bug out a little, being transparent. I don’t think that’s supposed to happen:

    On top of that, it’s inconvenient for the Vocals textbox to be restricted in size the way it currently is. When a lot of vocals need to be added, it’s very hard to see what vocals were added already. It would be preferable to be able to see all the already-added vocals in one overview somehow. The same goes for the Genre selection menu which is very small, making it hard to see which genres there are and which ones you’ve already selected when you want to add multiple genres:

    Finally, also important to me, would be the ability to see what albums you’ve already submitted but haven’t been published yet. If I remember correctly, the last time I submitted an album, it simply disappeared with no trace untill it was approved and published by authorized staff. If it would at least appear in the user’s list of submitted albums ( ) marked with “awaiting approval” or something, that would already be great. That way I’d know my entry was submitted correctly and not lost somehow.

    That’s my bit of concerns for now. Keep up the good work Yun (and anyone else possibly helping out with the website development)!

    I’m using Firefox 37.0.1 at the time of writing this, in case that info might be of any use :3

  8. I suggest putting a times of “downloaded” for the album to know if its popular or not even if they would want to rate it or not. I think thats the best way to determine the popularity of an album. ^^

  9. I don’t know know whether it’s possible or not, I suggest using ‘Baidu cloud’ for sharing. They give out free 2T cloud drive and it’s perfect for mass sharing. If there are files you want is uploaded by somebody else to one’s own cloud, Baidu will copy that file to your cloud in a second, and it’s free. This way, you don’t need using torrent for mass sharing.

      • I can’t fukin navigate around that site. Too much moonrunes.
        Or do you know a way to change the language to english? If it’s possible, gimme a tutorial plis. Using pics.

  10. Some of the pictures of site news (that are above new album releases home page) are overlapped. Please adjust it correctly to show the pictures correctly.

    Sorry for my broken English.

  11. may be a site which is designed for mobile, I’d love to access mikudb on my phone.

    Sorry for by bad English.

    • we stopped working on advanced features for the site. It is because a complete new mikudb is currently developed. If you want to participate in the alpha phase (that gonna be soon), I will contact you through PMs. It should be around July-August.

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