Hatsune Miku Hits the Festival Curcuit

After 2 months of on and off articles, here’s my first non improv article. Now let’s get started! In Europe there are not too many VOCALOID events or none I think, but either way European VOCALOID fans don’t really get any events over there. Luckily for the German VOCALOID fans an events is coming their way of sorts.


The event is listed as “Still Be Here” on the CTM Festival website, so it may not be just one song performance at the festival. Artist Mari Matsutoya will be collaborating with UK artistic laboratory Metal, music producer Laurel Halo, choreographer and visual artist Darren Johnston, and digital artists LaTurbo Avedon and Martin Sulzer. Together they will be using old lyrics for various songs to create this performance. Although this may mean it’s just one very long song/performance it’s still very good that Miku actually is going over there for my friends in Germany(I knew a german exchange student that liked VOCALOID.) I myself would love to go see Miku but I got no money and why would my parents want to go to these events. An interview was given by Mari Matsutoya asking questions on how this will work, I will not talk about all of it but you can check it out at http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/hatsune-miku . Mari states that this project began when “Someone from transmediale and I got excited discussing the possibility of bringing Miku onto the stage a year and a half ago. From there it was pretty quick, we went through a list of possible collaborators and ended up with Laurel on music and Darren on choreography. We were going to try for the festival last year, but that ended up being a little too tight with budget and timing so we decided on this year. This also allowed us the space to really think about what would constitute an appearance by Miku in a slightly different context than usual.” And so it was that this performance was born. I’ll be watching it on YouTube but just asking is anyone going to this?

Happy to be writing again,(Stead of schoolwork.)


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