Hatsune Miku and Wiz Quiz RPG Witch and Black Cat Collaboration

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Miku and pals will be appearing in the mobile game Wiz Quiz RPG Witch and Black Cat. I have never heard of this game before today (obviously considering I’m talking about this right now.) The game is for Android and IOS so for those who have Windows Phones, too bad. The game works by having you answer quizzes to launch attacks. I know that sounds stupid to some, but people like me like doing quizzes. Anyways the collaboration will start on October 30th and will continue until November 30th. For those that are hyped about this, well…BTW only in Japan. XD. The collaboration cards you see here will be integrated into the game itself, but the one by KEI(The first illustration) will be an event only. The event also brings music created by DECO*27 and MitchieM. There will also be a live stream on October 26th at 9:00pm JST time. Lol look at the date Wiz Quiz RPG Witch and Black Cat fans, It’s October 26th! (EDIT: This was published October 29th since NO ONE APPROVED THE ARTICLE.) Here’s a music video, enjoy!  http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm27460140 (Thanks to @SNAPXOT for the link.)

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