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Many of you thought that we are not the official mikudb website, because we are running on a sub-domain from It is not true. Our foundation was blessed by zaku-dono, who was the founder of mikudb and we are admins in the group. We hope that with the official domain being finally available, the gossip will stop.

In 2 weeks we will put the website under maintenance because we are changing the domain. Up till now, we were running on a sub domain because the domain was taken and the owner refused to give us the domain, even though we were willing to pay some amount (but not 1000$+ as he wanted). We were then searching for a good domain. To be honest, the domain is already registered, but because it is a completely new type of domain, we are waiting for the official launch.

You could say that we could just go with the flow and register some conventional one, but we wanted something special! With that domain, mikudb will officially be out of the testing phase and will start again and once more this time officially. You could say that the whole time, we were implementing tools to catch up with the old (or even exceed over it) and fixing the bugs that we found during the traffic. I will say once more, we are, not Trust me, the new domain will blow your mind ^^!

It will take around 5 days to change the domain, because we want to run some test runs and optimization to ensure you a first rate experience while browsing our website.

Some of you know that we are running on wordpress. Let me say once more, it is not the normal wordpress you know anymore, as it was optimised to be a database website. Don’t let your past experiences with wordpress fool you, mikudb is not a normal wordpress website.

Apart from the new domain, you can expect a new template in several days, because we know that this minimal design isn’t really well received. It is just that our template designer is unfortunately in hospital and we don’t know when he will be cured.

– Yun




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