Introducing News and articles from Vocaloid world!

The spring is already here and it is time again for some tweaks! First I want to thank all the ideas and suggestions that you guys have submitted! We are saving every idea in our document and gonna work on them. Many of them takes too much time and we will implement them later as you all know, our system will be out soon this year.

Also, we got a new section called News from the Vocaloid world. It should cover all the news related to Vocaloids, translated news, reviews and previews on interesting albums and songs! Wanna join our team as writer? Apply now! (For now, because we don’t have any news, we will be serving Site news there, but as soon we got some, the content will be replaced).


As for our homepage, is it also reworked to make more sense. You should be able to have a glimpse on everything new that is currently happening once you visit MikuDB! To make it more logical, while you are browsing albums, you won’t see the slider again and it won’t reload. That should be more convenient. Also, we are highlighting the videos and sitewide user acitivites. That should make it more neat.

While doing the homepage, I was thinking about utilizing the tabs and create the albums with tabbed overview. It should make stuff more neat. I hope you guys like my idea like I do ^^

Oh, as for the old snow header, we will be soon upload a new one, lets see what our graphic will do this time!

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