Megurine Luka: Swimsuit Ver.

Hey everyone, Nozomin here to bring you a new figure. Summer-time is coming up and sometimes you just wanna swim. So what do you do? Get a new bathing suit! This figure is coming out of the S-style series, so I might do Miku later on!

Let’s change it up by starting with the bathing suit. It is done in a dark-ish pink-ish brown and is detailed very nicely. The lacing and ribbon of the bikini are lacking paint, so they blend into the figures bathing suit too well and come off as useless additions. The fabric detail does look nice since it is a bathing suit.

The face and hair sculpt look amazing for a small figure and the paint looks amazing as well. The hair is done in a pink to a light pink fade. The face also looks similar to the V4 face done by iXima, but the headphones dont look similar to V4`s headset, which I don’t like. Overall the figure looks great aesthetically but what about the pose and the other figure in this set?

Compared to Miku, I will say Luka is the better out of the two expect for the minor nitpicks I have with the bathing suit. The figure overall feels more natural posed and not forced to look cute. I also have bias over Luka because I’m not the biggest fan of Miku although she has a majority of the figures.

Bye Bye My Darlings!

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