Our playlist for the metal Vocaloid lovers! You can also use the Wishlist page to propose songs for this playlist. Enjoy! *headbang*



  1. great playlist!
    why not add some metal song from the composer noa+ ? like from raven cage album.
    I guess it categorized as metal song.

  2. Is it possible to have a favorite/already listened mark on these playlist? By possible i mean will it be too much work for you?

    Since the list is randomized, I cant remember which one I haven’t listened yet

    • here in this playlist is strictly metal/hardcore songs using vocaloid as the vocal. 🙂

      if we broaden the scope, it is possible that we’d end up putting trivi*m on the list. lol

  3. very nice playlist… i love it..
    but, can someone to zip files this playlist and upload to google drive please…..

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