MikuDB Shifting gears! Articles? Albums!

Hello guys! Yun reporting as usual on how things are progressing and would like to give some insights!

First, we tried to listen to your ideas and work on them. The new FB page should now be reworked and hopefully you would have noticed the new changes! There were also some changes inside the Article posting team, trying their best to post new stuff for you every week and let the content flow. Before, we were more focused on solely indexing albums, where everything else was just a bonus. But as we expected, even articles are more important for the website as there are always people who enjoy reading.

We also noticed, there are nowadays less Vocaloid albums being released, this might be because of the producers moving more into different music branches. We are trying to focus more on old stuff that is still nowhere to be seen. Hopefully the Vocaloid market will liven up again.

With Winter (Summer in other places of the world) arriving, we are again searching for long term staff members! I know it might start to sound really annoying, but we as a community need to be resourceful as possible. Thus, all kinds of people who are willing to index albums are welcome.

There will be 2 types of recruitment. First is for people who have free time and can upload from time to time, which means they still post a lot of stuff, but there will be times where they cannot post at all. The second would be the kind dedicated to work here a lot and would be willing to offer some free time they have continuously for MikuDB.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, there is one more option! Since everyone who is a member of MikuDB and is registered here can post albums, why don’t you just try it yourself? It takes only few minutes, but you would be helping the other people around you!

What are we searching for?

People, who would like to index albums, or post albums from requests taken from the Request album section.

What are the benefits we can offer you?

  • We are willing to share a small portion of our money we received via donation (as this is sadly our only source right now for money) so you can buy albums that you like and want to index them, write reviews!
  • Helping the Community and make the database bigger!
  • Be part of our team and find out how things have been done the whole time, and how it will be from now on



And at the end, a poll that if you could gladly take part in, thanks!

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