Mikufan2015’s News Recap #2

I have only done this once. I only do this when the news of this week is not too interesting and I’ll recap on what has happened in the past few weeks or so. Alright let’s get started!First things first let’s get through the Project DIVA news. SEGA released the 6th song trailer, this time celebrating Luka’s 7th anniversary/birthday. The songs featured were “Ai Dee” by Michie M and “Akahitoha” by KuroUsa P.
Multiple gameplay videos were also released during NicoNico Tokaigi 2016 featuring the songs Sweet Magic (Junky feat. Rin), Electro Saturator (tilt feat. Miku) and Decorator (kz feat. Miku). The last gameplay video also shows the function of swapping of VOCALOIDS as well. Maybe GUMI will be in this like Project Mirai. They’ll be over 200 tracks of music for you guys to go through maybe It’ll last you until the next game. Also if you’re going to the Snow Miku 2016 event you’ll be able to play this there. Tell me how’s the game when you come back! Now the last piece of information is about the new idoll of Hatsune Miku. It’s able to sing and dance various songs as showcased but still no details on how thorough will it work

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