My personal thoughts: How it all started

Hello, let me introduce myself, I am Yun. Some refer to me as Owner, Director, but I like to call myself more one of the main admins of mikudb. If you ask why im blogging now on MikuDB huh? I simply felt that we should share with our fans how the road to rebuild MikuDB was crooked.  Also, it will be soon a year that exist and take this as my own small anniversary talk. I know this gonna be a long long talk and I dont really force any one to read it till the end, if you are interested how MikuDB was revived through my eyes, here you go, I personally believe it is worth to read it. Feel free to comment and ask anything, okay?

About me

That time,I was still working at website as manager of project(s) and was seeking for fields where the website could expand. That time, because I wasn’t the owner, my hands were often tied and I had to mostly report everything to the owner. I couldn’t do things the way I liked, every change on page I made mostly brought heavy discussion and fights between me and the owner (How I hated and other ads on page etc.). After some time, I really had no motivation to carry on, because simply combating 2 things at once was for me impossible: directing the page and same time explaining it to the owner 3-4x was really tiring (In addition, he wasn’t good in english so you can somehow imagine our conversation).

The very first deal with MikuDB or

While working there, I was once contacted by one guy, stating he is the owner of and he would like to be an affiliate with us ( I already knew about mikudb as I was a fan of vocaloids and Zaku dono). Because anime-mp3(AM3) was really lacking behind their rivals in Vocaloid and doujin field, I instantly had some ideas in my mind, which I told him. Sadly, he turned me down saying he is no more interested in (or you could say mikudb) and he doesn’t have time for it and is maybe even willing to selling it to me. But I really wasn’t interested in acquiring Doujin as I wanted only to co-operate. Some of members were already working with AM3 or at least did a bit outsourcing so buying it would really be an overkill. I’m not gonna judge him or how the project was basically innactive as he never implemented the new features or never listened to the other staff members, everyone should make their own point of view. down, let’s do it!

Later I saw suddenly down and the new owner leaving the project alone. The members, who were working alredy with me told me that there are already some people, who are willing to revive MikuDB and he told me if I wanna join and help. That is how I met YukiDoke, the admin you all know inside group/website.

The start was really rough, we had no money, people who would help and the most important thing- domain. We really loved the mikudb and wished to get one mikudb domain. was taken, already too and the owner of refused to  transfer it to us, only sell. But seriously, who would buy one domain for 600$+? There was one solution,, but it would take 2 more months until it is available. That is how I used my connetions in AM3 and got us the infamous while pre-registering .moe and waiting it to be online. I had to convince the owner that MikuDB will be part of AM3.

At the very start, we were like 5 people, with Hexor22 and KuroxRepaer our main driving force for album indexing. They were really the main driving force working like maniacs publishing everyday 20+ albums and Neonat as some one responsible for MikuDB album record keeping. But because of the domain, the website was gaining no public attention and people were basically ignoring us, thinking we are fake and just another AM3 website, wannabe mikudb. Just 80 visitors per day was really a sad amount. Later a lot of more members were joining with Petrichor and Khouw as one of the most important members I ever met.

Me and the new mikudb

Because I had a little time, there were two options that time. Create our own web content system (CMS) or just use one open source and load it with stuff I need. It would save me a lot of time, but I knew I would need to work on it for a long time until it would be complete. I choosed the latter option and if you wanna know how long it took mikudb to look like this? It took me 4 months of working on mikudb (I could only work on it in my free time) and I was doing it while MikuDB was running already. The very first of mikudb was really plain without even registration. I managed to cover the hosting for a whole year alone, with other admins (Yukidoke and Hayden) splitting the domain cost (I couldn’t shoulder alone the domain costs).

I tried to implement everything I felt was lacking before. A homepage that is showing new releases and additions separately, something I missed on the very first MikuDB and doujin so the visitors can instantly distinguish the albums. Faster new releases and not only old albums. Albums, where people could browse through artists, albums, circles, not only via tags like before, direct contact with our fans and listening to ideas from visitors, MikuDB events and campaign. Hopefully you guys are cherishing the changes the same like I do. …

The page barely had 800 albums and during same time, alot of another MikuDB projects were launching eventhough we were the official one. That is how a project called exist and will never go down, because it is backed up by the owner who abandoned the page… We tried to contact them and negotiate, but nothing worked and just kept turning off topic whenever we talked. There were really interesting proposals and even agreeing for a merge, but nothing helped, they kept using the mikudb domain, eventhough the admins were never affiliated with MikuDB in any way, nor working for it. We were basically the only ones with the  blessing of zaku-dono allowing us to use the name mikudb. We even told them to use the doujin name but they turned us off with some funny answers. We were especially angry as Yukidoke even wrote a document for them to read, which basically told the whole old MikuDB-> story just for them to understand our situation. Because I still have a little human feelings for them, I will rather not go into details and make their idendity hidden. Oh my, reminding me of their arguments and reasonings made me laugh… By that, we learned our lesson: Contact the other mikudb projects once, then if it is not working, give up, because mostly it is not worth the time and effort…

We were still combating the low public attention and how people were not visting our page. But as we started everything turned 180 degrees and we started to gain more visiors with people cheering for us! Even the very first father of mikudb came back and joining the team! Zaku-dono enlisted as one of our main admins and the site was alive! Oh my, finally! We made it! Because how I saw how mikudb team hold so much potential and the members workin so hard, I decided to pull off from AM3 totally and enlist as one of the main Admins. Before, I worked more behind the shadows. As more and more staff members were flowing in. Big thanks to Goth and all others who later joined, without you, MikuDB would never exist. We managed to index more then 2.500 albums within 3 months!

Current and future onwards

If you managed to reach the end Let me just tell you one thing. Right now, has more albums then before ever were on or A team that is rock solid and constantly growing. With donators that are caring and helping us to survive. This year is really vital for us as we are changing to our own CMS (our tech admin is working on it for a whole year). We got really big plans, let’s see how it will end! Thank you for your time and hopefully you enjoyed the reading.  Feel free to ask me everything you want, I will answer all your questions as possible.

  1. Ohohoho the joy and sorrow of loving Miku <3
    Despite the sorrow, my love for Miku is growing stronger. Long live!

  2. What you guys did, hats off to you. I hope, it’ll continue to improve, and you have full support from me…once again thank you guys for doing this hard job to revive. And dont forget ”MIKU CHAN WILL ALWAYS BLESS YOU”.39.

  3. mikudb is a valuable resource for those who want to listen to music and can not afford vocaloid (buy cd and have it ship is definitely too) unfortunately I did not understand much of this post, I have a bad English. but I can only ask you to stay as long as possible on the web, it would be the best thing. I just wish more album in flac and a feed for the artists I like (for users with account). long life ^_^

    • Hello. I’m a fan of kagamine twins and I really love them.
      I couldn’t find any of their albums in Internet. But because of your site now I can listen to them.
      Thank you so much. your site is AWESOME!!!!!

  4. Yeah, it’s actually right, but i always buy albums from itunes and got more than 50 albums on my shelf…so i always support devs so that they’ll be more eagar to release their albums. But there are a lot of miku-chan fans arround the world, who doesnt even have those facilities near them, so i appreciate Yun-kun’s hard work.

    • yeah and we know what we are doing is a bit illegal, but on the other hand, thanks to us, there are lots of new vocaloid lovers and we are basically promoting the producer works around the world. Also, the thank should be reflected to our whole MikuDB team not only me, because simply, without them, nothing like this would ever exist.

  5. Has it really been almost a year. I remember when I first got into vocaloids and found the old MikuDB . When I found out that it was dead I was heartbroken. But it feels like it was just yesterday that started. I still remember when there were only about 20 something albums on the site.

  6. I don’t even care I just LOVE YOU ALL for making me able to get the albums, honestly if it wasn’t for you guys I would be living like a zombie. As you said its illegal, but I have no way of acquiring these legally anyways. This is like survival to me. Love you, again, and please never let anything bring you guys down 😀

  7. Nice read!
    Big thanks to the team and especially to you Yun!

    I’ll do my best to participate more in the great future that awaits our beloved MikuDB 🙂

  8. Thank you \(>_<)/
    So happy to find a web like this hopefully this will last forever or I'll die first before it does :3

    • you know, we’re like hydra.

      Cut off one head, two more shall take its place.”

      so, don’t you ever worry.

  9. I am a long time fansub editor and am grateful that you are providing this resource. I am interested in helping if you require editing work done.

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