Some page insights!

We are really happy that your feedback was mostly positive and that you like our new mikudb the same way we do. Today, I would like to give some insight to our current mikudb website.

Apart from that, Yukidoke is busy with his preparations to Japan (damm I’m envying him >.<) and he can’t dedicate much free time to MikuDB (that is why im writing this :/ ). Alright Yukidoke, don’t comeback without any presents for us and we wish you a good and safe trip to Japan! >:)

Let’s begin with our staff members. Currently, we have around 15 staff members who are indexing albums, called “helpers group”, 4 Moderators, also known as Editors who are taking care of album management, video management and feedback and 3 main admins. Many of known-faces have come back and started to work on our website! I mean, I would never imagine to be able to work alongside of Zaku-dono, who decided to become an admin again! Wow, many things really happened during those two weeks but we never thought even once that the new MikuDB could lead to this. With them, we hope that we may accomplish even more then the old Of course, this takes alot of time, we are speaking about several years, not months or weeks. But without doubt, this will happen!


Regarding some statistics, our Facebook page got over 400 likes and that is quite impressive for a page that is only 12 days old! As for our page statistics, the number of visitors was doubled before the huge update and our Google page rank increased from 8. page to  1. page. Those are numbers that may not be good for some people, but we value them. It will help us definitely in the future.

Before the start, we had only 400 albums indexed, where nearly 300 were indexed alone by Kuroxreaper and Hexor. I really thank you guys that you helped us so far and you still keep indexing. Without you, we would definitely die out even before the new domain, it may took you guys 2 months, in comparison, in 2 days we managed to index over 160 albums, which makes it 560 totally. As for videos, there was 33 videos submitted and this number keep increasing. The current number of registered accounts is 150 and without doubt, it will keep growing.

What did we do during those two weeks?

During those two weeks, we did not overslept this period, it is just that there were too many bugs and just the real launch could reveal them. So far, over 20 bugs were fixed and let’s hope this is the final count( I’m half dead).

What we gonna do in recent days?

  • Starting implementing the favourite list feature! Want to add any album to your list so you can download it later? Why not!
  • Linking videos with albums, we gonna try to implement many things that would make the original uploaders to choose us as a mirror to become more popular. Are you uploading videos on youtube or anywhere else and wanna promote your work? We want your MMD animations, Lyric/translation songs, Project Diva Gameplays, Live concert camcords, or if you are trying to just reupload videos from NicoVideo on youtube! You got the freedom!
  • Our own music player.
  • New categories are incomming, Instrumental and Utaite gonna be here!
  • Trying to come out with some new stuff so the newcomers in the vast Vocaloid field get it easier to find some good content.

Our own PHP CMS( Content management system)… Wait, whaaat?

Yeah you heard us right. We started to develop our own CMS and we can’t say for sure when it gonna be finished. Thanks to PBX_g33k it is possible! We are trying to think far ahead and to create MikuDB more advanced, so it becomes a portal and grow bigger. And to be honest, we never knew that MikuDB could grow so fast and aggressively. The current system isn’t so advanced and was just built in not even 1 Month (around 150 hours pure working time? xD). The goal that time was to come up with something as fast as possible and it must be reliable. Don’t worry, every content here gonna be imported there of course :)!

Our Financial budget

Mantaining Miku costs more time than money. It’s safe to say that we are covered for a whole year. What’s gonna happen the next year will depend on what will happen in the future. If we launch the new CMS next year, it will require a complete new and stronger VPS and that will cost of course more money. During that time, we will definitely come up with some idea how to do it. P.S. NO, mikuDB will be always without those annoying Popup ads or!

With those words, let’s meet again in some time and hope you guys survived my boring report! (Next time, Yukidoke gonna be here again so you guys gonna enjoy much more better writing I guess) :D.


Yun and MikuDB team

  1. Glad to hear about so much going well for us :D! Gonna keep going strong and keep this flourishing 🙂 !

    Also congrats to Yukidoke ~ I must also share in the envy x3 hope you have an awesome safe trip and safe return! 🙂

  2. Hey, 500+ albums are a pretty big feat considering the old only had 1400-ish albums before took over.

    So just keep up the good work, would’ve liked to help but sadly I’m too busy with real life and have problems enough with updating and managing my own collection >_<

  3. Actually I’m too envious to Yukidoke I can’t comment on anything else.
    safe trip, Yukidoke!

    and this site is getting even more awesome everyday xD

  4. Love what you guys are doing! keep up the good work! P.s you guys should implement a way for donations, I am certain people would donate 😉

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