Song Talk!- UtsuP, Caz, and more!

Do you want some dark, heavy and metal tunes? Then look no further because I have some songs for you!! This list is all about those heavy metal artist who have perfected the rock genre. If you’re not a fan of wailing guitars, sick bass lines, and screaming vocals then back out now, it’s about to get loud.

First up is legendary UtsuP! UtsuP is one of my favorite artists, his songs are incredibly catchy and he has very unique and impressive way of tuning the vocals, just check out The Magic of Massacre featuring Gumi. Just listen to how she growls, it gives me chills everytime! He has also recently began using flower, and his song Absolute Music Dance is awesome! As for albums, all of his are great but if you’re going to listen to just one I’m going to have to insisted it be ALGORITHM, every song is a masterpiece!

Noa+ was one of the first artist that introduced me to the vocaloid metal scene, so they will always have a special place in my heart and in my playlists. Their songs have a very energetic and driving feel. The album Raven cage is an awesome example of Noa+’s works, but if you are looking for something a little shorter, album NEURODRIVE is great too. NEURODRIVE was actually my first Noa+ album and I think it is a great place to start as it features my favorite Noa+ song, Solitary Core. Another album I love that features Noa+ is Ark, it is a split album so it also features the producers GosaroP and Bassdrum RendaP.

Next up is Caz. He is most known for his song Corruption Garden. His songs are very loud with strong guitar riffs and repetitive drums. While Caz isn’t my favorite artist, I still feel like he deserves a mention on my list. So check out a few of his songs and albums! My suggestion for an album from him would be Vermillion.

Now if you’re a fan of orchestral pieces with a kick then you’ll love MuryokuP. His songs are in-depth and mainly piano led. In a nutshell, his songs are EPIC. There hasn’t been an album of his that I haven’t loved. My favorite album of his is Unfinished Eden, followed by Eschatology. I highly suggest you listen to at least one of these albums because really the only accurate description would be epic!

And no to finish up this list, I give you Yuyoyuppe! If you have already heard of him wonderful! If you haven’t then I highly suggest you give him a listen. He is by far one of my top 10 favorite producers. My absolute favorite song Leia, is by him which was one of the songs performed in Magical Mirai 2013. If you were to get one of his albums I suggest Story of Hope. It has all of his best (in my opinion) songs. That being said, all of his songs are amazing and deserve a listen. He also goes by the name DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING for his techno songs, but is for another day and another list.

I hope you enjoy and as always, if you have a suggestion or want a recommendation then leave a comment!!

  1. Have a look at “Social Zombie.” Rin is used quite a bit in this album. Another would be the “Scapegoat” album that features quite a bit of Luka along with a duet performed with a live singer in one of the songs.

    • PS: Don, knowing him best for his “Wishes to the Moon; Emotions of Yggdrasil” album is another suggestion. “Wishes to the Moon” + “Servant of the Moon” make for a good introductory combo in this album.

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