The summer is here!

With the summer finally here and classes over, I can finally say that I have found time again to work on mikuDB. We know, there have been lots of things still not finished, so you guys could end up getting frustrated, we will try to change it!

First, I wanna announce that our very first T-Shirt event was very succesful. We are already planning a new wave ( Let’s call it for now MikuDB T-Shirt 2 wave). There things that wasn’t well thought ( like people not receiving an email after the payment arrived, but only if the payment didn’t arrive), or how you had to pay twice and wait a month so we could gather all orders. But let me tell you something, we changed the T-shirt making company (so there will be no quotas to be met!) that’s right, we can order straight away. And one more important thing, the T-shirt will ship straight away within few days after u ordered the T-shirt! It was not easy, but yup we managed to find a way to stock it! Also, the price will be a bit lower as we try to lower it as much as possible. (We are seriously ain’t almost gaining  anyt profit from it).

Regarding the stuff we wanna rework and implement, I guess, the poll for users being able to write news ended with 164 for, and 60 against. I will try in the next few upcoming days to work on it and enable it. With this, I noticed the editor for creating albums is also a bit off and gonna try to rework it also. There was also one user wishing if he could enlarge the album pics, I will also work on it as I still remember it, so don’t worry!

And as the summer approaches, I guess even staff members deserve a break, right? With this I mean, please don’t get angry, if some guys gonna be a bit more lazy then usually as they also wanna stress out. But this does not mean we gonna be innactive and there won’t be any news coming from us! For more stay tuned!

Last but not least, there will be a new article about MikuDB and about what we are doing, I would really like to hear your opinion about that.

  1. I appreciate your hard work as well as others.
    I would love to see more news, reviews and articles in near future.
    THANK YOU so much from bottom of my heart.
    May MIKU-SAN bless you all…….

  2. I appreciate all the work that all the people are doing in this page and of course, its summer time, so hope we can all take a break during this time.
    I would like to see more news and i hope that the feature of “enlarge the albums pics” 😀
    Thanks for all, take care :3

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