The T-shirts are now in production!

We are happy to announce that the orders are completed and if you haven’t received any email from us, it means your payment was succesfuly transfered to ariza.  We managed to complete 26 orders within 1 month and this is more then enough for us.


Also I want to say we are sorry for all the a bit difficulties you were forced to do (2 separate payments and to wait alot), but we had to close this deal this way with the T-shirt company to ensure them the T-shirts gonna sell. With this we can definely proof them that there are people interested in ordering one. The next wave gonna be definitely faster, easier to order!

What are the next steps? The T-shirts gonna be printed and proccesed, which takes around 2-3 weeks and then immediately shipped to the given adress. We will notify you as soon as the T-shirts are shipped. Don’t worry!


So again I wanna thank to all the people, who trusted us and went this pioneering. You guys are awesome!
Status update! The T-shirt gonna start shipping in the very first week of may! The shipoing proccess gonna take 1-3 weeks. It all depends on your geological location.


5.5. The T-Shirts are ready for shipping! (visit our FB page for photos)


  1. hello.

    still haven’t received the shipment, maybe you can pm me a trackcode? I’ll give all necessary info, just pm me.

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