Thoughts on the Miku EXPO Song contest

The contest results are out, and…

The winner goes to CircusP with his song Ten Thousand Stars. Congratulations, and of course as a reviewer, I’d love to do my job here. I listened to all of these contestants and then, I realize I have a different result.

1. Constellation by ϕrkestrate
2. Ten Thousand Stars by CircusP
3.  Together, Make the Magic by Xyao-Ming
5. MikuMambo by AlexTrip Sands

Yeah, apparently if I was the judge, Constellation would win. Time to tell the reason why right?

Constellation by ϕrkestrate is a song with EDM emphasis on them. The thing is, I like EDM and not to be biased, I enjoy most genres as well, and there are plenty of Miku EDM. Not all of them do it very well. This one is an example of a very well executed EDM with Miku’s voice. As usual, Miku’s Engrish will always be Engrish, so yeah… Anyway, that doesn’t make the song less exciting to hear. If this was in Monstercat or Tasty or something, I’d like this immediately and find the artist and like his Facebook page and be his loyal follower. No, he does not have a Facebook, huh. :/ Dammit, I don’t use Soundcloud a lot, but good job buddy. If you somehow get to Tasty or Monstercat, I’ll fanboy you @@ Thank you for marrying Miku with EDM. His style of music reminds me A LOT of Rhodz, and I’m a sick fanboy of Rhodz’s music with Miku’s voices in it. Google it up.

Ten Thousand Stars by CircusP is a electronica song. It’s okay honestly. It’s not too bad, and I can understand some English, Engrish. It’s normal, and the song is, not as overwhelming as I thought. It sure has the build up and stuff, but, well, it’s not extremely good to me like how most people claim it to me. Maybe this song isn’t for me because this kind of melody is somewhat used a lot, and listening to the same melody again just, well, doesn’t get me excited you know?

Together, Make the Magic by Xyao-Ming is quite a happy song, reminds me of Miracle Paint. You’d get what I mean if you listened to Miracle Paint first and then listened to this. It’s good, but not super good. Well, I’m not a fan of Miracle Paint, and now you can see why I wasn’t really into this song. It’s alright, but not enough to make me get all giddy about. It’s not my cup of tea I suppose.

ALL IS MUSIC by YZYX is another electronica music (For some reason, Miku’s always paired up to this genre) and was I impressed? Well, on the hedge honestly. The comments were like “WOW IT’S GOOD” or something, but when I listened to this, I wasn’t too impressed. The Miku rap kind of makes me, um, what’s going on…? Like, maybe I’m just not a fan of rap? Like, this isn’t a song for Miku I guess. It’s just okay, that’s all I’ll say.

MikuMambo by AlexTrip Sands is well, mambo obviously. I must say, it does fit it’s theme very well, though I listed it at the very bottom of the list. The reason was because it somehow didn’t click too well with me. It’s one of those songs where I’d 3 star it and say next. It’s not my cup of tea, once again I suppose. Maybe if you love mambo a lot, you’d like this.

And that’s all I have to say. It’s all personal opinions here, so I may be wrong, remember that.

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