Affiliation with Vocaloidotaku; New request system.

Today, we are happy to announce that we will have an awesome collaboration project with Vocaloidotaku  and also plan to do many different joint projects later on.  At first, we have promised to help them with their Album Request thread, which means we will try to add albums that are requested on their thread. The other activity is revolving around videos. Vocaloidotaku has many active NicoVideo reprinters and we believe that getting their support to add their links on mikudb will help. On one hand it will boost their views and popularity and on the other hand we will have more videos available on mikudb. We thank Vocaloidotaku for their cooperation and trust. Hopefully many other sites will join us soon!


Also together with this event, we have created a Request section so everyone can ask for albums. This section will be supervised by an admin together with many staff members to make sure that requests can be furfilled.

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