Halloween – Vocaloid Style by DaiSukiYuki

Well, It’s been a while, everyone. Apologies for my sudden disappearance, but I should be on here more often now. Anyways, as Halloween is edging closer and closer, I thought we should spend some time looking at the creepier side of Vocaloid. So let’s get started! I’ll leave hyperlinks to all of the songs, so you can check them out as well.

1. Scissoroid 

This was one of the first Miku songs I was introduced to – A Yandere tale between Miku and Luka, fighting over a blue-haired beauty who they call “Master”. The story follows Miku and Luka. Luka being the younger sister, wishing to “become a diva” like her older sister, Miku. Miku is glad to have a younger sister to practice singing with, however, is unhappy with the fact that Luka stole her “Master”, and she can’t have him to herself. As the story in the song continues, Miku expresses her unhappiness and sheer anger with this, until she eventually tries to “cut Luka’s lead” – The Vocaloid equivalent of attempted murder – but Luka steals her chance to kill Miku instead, sealing her own fate with their “Master”. The song itself has a simple video with one drawing after another to show the characters feelings and actions throughout it, and the song goes from a relatively fast tempo to slow and calm tempo, when Luka realizes Miku’s intentions. Personally, I think this song is a nice and simple Yandere song, that shows how a Vocaloid could be so devious yet seem evil.

2. Okaasan

This song follows more of a grim idea, with “Okaasan” meaning “mother”. There aren’t that many lyrics, but certain words are reapted to possibly describe someone being strangled. It already has a creepy sound, with Miku’s voice manipulated to send chills down your spine. The vocals are quite high, to create a sense of innocence for the victim. It creates tension by stating that “Mother is coming” multiple times, and by the end of the song just the vocals are left. They are slowed down and lowered, maybe to suggest someone had died. The song is quite short, and the instrumental is mostly the same thing repeated over and over.  There isn’t much of a video, just the words “おかあさん” (Mother) continuously moving and the lyrics written in red. There’s also a person in the back, a scared-looking child. This song is definitely one of the creepiest though, as it the complete opposite of a mother’s love, and the lyrics leave you pretty much terrified. Not only that, but there is also a hidden message when the song is played backwards, which you can check out here~.

3. Bacterial Contamination

This is a more popular song, and the animations perfectly fit the song. It features Calne Ca, and alternative version of Miku. If she wasn’t creepy enough, her intentions are to also infect people. Her design comes from Deino. Not only that, but if you look at cosplay versions of her, they are amazing! But enough about our mechanized friends, let’s get onto the song. It’s actually quite catchy, and again the animations are absolutely gorgeous. There are several different models depicting the protagonist, and some other little creatures as well – endless bugs, brains and a larger stage showing a possible infected brain as a side effect. The deeper meaning of the song actually follows bullying, and it accurately represents thoughts and feelings in times like that. She becomes infected as she is bullied, and as a consequence the end isn’t the nicest. This nightmare fuel song actually has a sadder meaning. Either way, this song has an important message represented in a debatable way, but I cannot fault the animations and Calne Ca’s amazing model.

4. Secrets Of Wysteria

This song has a music box and old-sounding piano melody to start, and a slow tempo with Oliver’s voice to accompany it as well. This is the only English song on the list, as well. The video is weird, mostly just repeated frames, and the texture thickens during the chorus. There are some strange metaphors and dates to go with the video. The song itself is just slow and has a small amount of insruments. The most horrifying thing about this song is that it is a true story, however I’ll leave you to decipher that yourself. Like “Okaasan”this song has a messaged when reversed. I’ll warn you that this one is particularly creepy and extremely disturbing to say the least. Nonetheless, this song itself, disregarding the backstory, has an interesting sound to it that is creepy again yet full. This is definitely one to check out. You can also find the reversed version here~


And this concludes this short list. I have some longer lists like this planned, sorry it’s not that long. Either way, I’m glad to be back, and have a nice halloween.


  1. Apologies for this, but I uploaded the wrong link for “secrets of wysteria”. You can find the actual video here -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0yo8BREgD0

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