Mikufan2015’s Album Review #4: Shimotsuki Phonogram

Hey! This week I’ve got Shimotsuki Phonogram/霜月フォノグラム a request from Jones a few weeks back. This album is very, interesting in many ways. There isn’t much for me to say in the first paragraph as this is where I talk a bit about the album and stuff. Let’s go! (Plus Try-hard to be long article isn’t needed as much.)

Track #1: Frozen –  LMEE feat. Megurine Luka

Um, Luka you ok there? You sound like Miku. The song is a really soft type of song, with more of a string type movement in the background which helps balance the song without just “Luka” singing. More of a soft song with how the songs plays out which usually isn’t my favorite type of opening song. I prefer a strong opening and ending. Even with all it’s flaws it’s still a great song. 2.5/5 I was kind of in the middle on what to say about this song

Track #2: olysis – つこ feat. Nekomura Iroha, (He_Low)

Who is He_Low? I don’t even know. The first minute I’m not a big fan of with the distorted voice screaming all over the place. I’m not sure if this is He_Low or a really REALLY low Nekomura. Nekomura is a new VOCALOID to me and she’s sounding great! Maybe I’ll check out some more of her songs. olysis is and interesting case for me as the screaming isn’t too dominating with the song being more a mixed pop/hard rock style so maybe I’ll let the screaming slide with a 3/5

Track #3: 侵略が8割を超えたので人類は本気を出しましたUSA/The Human Race Since The Invasion Has Exceeded The 80% Was Issued, A Serious USA* – minamiP feat. Kagamine Rin

This title though with a super long Japanese title and even longer english title which doesn’t give me any clue what the song could sound like. Other then the title the song is great! The techno sound helps out Rin’s voice a lot as her voice mostly is soft. The intro of this song is excellent as the song. I can’t really explain why I enjoy this song a lot but try it out maybe you’ll like it. 4/5 🙂

Track #4: プリズムレインボウ/Prism Rainbow – minamiP, くぎゆう , ぶる~ feat. Yuzuki Yukari

Yuzuki Yukari, a new one for me again. The song has a more quiet and peaceful sort of sound that I enjoy because I like my music that I can’t be bothered when I’m relaxing. Yuzuki has a soft voice that still allows her to be noticed throughout the music without sounding awkward. I’d recommend just looking up this song to check it out. 3.5/5 There are still some things that are not necessarily bad but more of not belonging.

Track #5: カンミドコロ/Kanmidokoro* – せんてふ feat. Hatsune Miku

The first song with “Miku” lol. This song is more of a fast paced song which I will be using to work out later lol. Miku is really balanced out with the upbeat, jumpy music. I love how the music still uses the rock guitar to still be soft and help out the song and keep it together. I’ll be enjoying this song for a while and this’ll go in my favorites but it isn’t the best out there in this album. 3.7/5! My opinion changed after listening for a while.

Track #6: Light – LMEE feat. Megurine Luka

Ok Luka still sound a bit different then she normally does. If you wanted a voice like this maybe just use Miku instead of just using a changed Luka, like changed a lot. Other then that the song seems to progress well and the music is very light. (XD couldn’t help myself.) I didn’t see the wub wub dubstep part coming at all. Maybe Luka isn’t my favorite Vocaloid right now, it’s been ages since I’ve heard one of her songs and I feel, maybe you’d all enjoy her song more then me right now. Sliding aside the voice issues a solid 2.7/5!

Track #7: フォーリン/Foreign* – つこ feat. Nekomura Iroha

This song isn’t very foreign to me. XD. Seriously though this song is quite an enjoyable song for me. With a great sound and with the pop-techno sound with just a dash of rock, I LOVE THIS SONG! The songs executes the way I want it and doesn’t let up with the music. Maybe it’s favoritism. 3.8/5

Track #8: favorite things – 卯月めい feat. Megurine Luka

It’s a nice slowdown form the last few songs. Luka’s english isn’t clear as it is now, but this english isn’t the most understandable but it still fits the song’s purpose about blue skies and bikes. I’ve never encountered too many peaceful vocaloid tracks where the english actually works out well. 4/5! YAS

Track #9: blue noise – 卯月めい feat. Hatsune Miku

Piano tracks are appealing to me. Maybe it’s because I play a bit of piano, but I love piano track of all sorts and before vocaloid almost all my music was piano covers. This one isn’t the most special to me at all. Regardless it’s a good song. 3/5 Nothing much to say ’bout this.

Final Track: 指先の距離/Distance of the Fingertip* – 雨降らし鍵盤弾き, きんぴらごぼう feat. GUMI

This sounds like an anime’s ending song. Regardless of what it sounds like GUMI isn’t always best for all songs, as I’m not really liking the vocals too much. The song is put together all and all well but maybe too much piano for one day. I like my diverse albums if it isn’t all pop. 2.85/5


Sorry for delays. Enjoy! I’ll give this album a 3.3/5 I’d recommend this to some of you, check it out!


P.S. Does anyone have any recent albums that they want me to check out?? If not I’m doing an Rin rock album from a few years ago I have.

P.P.S. I talk too much don’t I


  1. we…have different taste
    mah favourite song get low rating while you give high one on song that i don’t remember that it exists

  2. not really a recent album, but you can check out Pathos by Yunosuke, he is releasing the album at the end of the this month. He is a electronic music artist so I guess is more up in deathspark’s ally.

    as for this review, I listened to the crossfade and some of the songs, I am really put off by the tuning(or i’m just not used other voice banks). And Luka really sound like miku in track #1 lol…

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