Order your official MikuDB T-shirt!

Hello fellow Vocaloid lovers!
Together with our good friend Ariza and the well established Doujinwear Team, we are proud to announce that pre-orders on our very first official MikuDB T-shirt are now open! It has been a long time since we initially mentioned the idea about releasing a T-shirt with an unique MikuDB design in our poll – and unfortunately, due to some difficulties which were more important at the time, we had to postpone it. But now we are finally ready!

For the first batch to go into production, we need at least 24 orders. Thanks to this, we managed to lower the price and increase the printing quality.

How much will it cost? 
One T-shirt will cost you exactly 28$ (US Dollars). The price includes international shipping. So basically, you are paying no additional shipping costs. This isn’t much for an unique T-shirt right? We are really happy to be able to offer the shirt at this low price, partly due to the fact that we barely make any profit. This is for the community!

Support us and be unique!
With our T-shirt, we can assure you that you will catch the eye of Vocaloid fans across the globe and show your passion for them in a stylish way without being embarrassed! Let others know how awesome Miku is and most importantly: moe!

How do I order one?
If you are a regular Doujinwear costumer you will know the drill already, but for all you newcomers, here you go:
Because we need at least 24 orders for the T-shirt to go into production, we will first ask you for a pre-order amount. This will be exactly 50% of the final price and as soon as we receive at least 24 orders, we will notify you via email/Private message or on your favorite social media (including our site) asking you to pay the rest.

Are you hesitant because there is no guarantee that we might not deliver what we promise? Don’t worry! Doujinwear is already well known for their reliability and their system was proven to work just as well. Next to our T-shirt design, they are receiving orders on a regular basis. Still don’t trust us? Well, then get the hell out of… nah. Just kidding 😉 We guarantee you that the gathering of orders won’t take longer than 1 month. If we won’t be able to gather 24 orders within one month, you will receive a full refund of the amount you sent us via PayPal.

Size Chart
Size: Width / Length

S: 48 / 68
M: 50 / 70
L: 54 / 72
XL: 56 / 74
XXL: 58 / 76
 We miss currently: 0 orders out of 24 (You need to pay the pre-order fee, not paying it is not counting as order!)
Order form


(you can pay using credit card, you don’t need a paypal account). You are paying the first 50% of the final price. The rest will be paid after we receive at least 24 orders.

  1. i like it, but can u make one with just the back part logo with the small Miku? And have the shirt in different colors like black too?

    • we will definitely create another design in the future. We cant make customizations due to limitation of 24 pieces. After the community will grow bigger, we will definiely be able to make more styles.

  2. Hello, I am kind of confused with the size, I weigh 104 pounds what size do you recommend???? Does small runs big ???

  3. The design is definitely nice, but I’m not sure if I’d be able to wear that in public outside of cons and Vocaloid-related events.

    I think not just myself but some other people would also appreciate a more subtle design (perhaps just the miku db print at the back, with a simpler single left/right breast design on the front).

    I do understand this is just the beginning though, so I’ll be patient 🙂

  4. Hello, i was about to make my order but i want to know how much time it takes to make and delivered shirts?? cause i will be moving to united states on may 2, so should i put my current adress in Puerto Rico right now or should i put the adress in united states?? Hope you answer so i can make my order. Thanks.

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