We managed to find 24 Orders! Instructions to complete your order!

Wow! Thank you so much. We managed to finally hit 24 orders within 1 month and are closing the pre-order status.

Before I start talking about instructions, let me please ask those following persons, to pay the pre-order amount and if they can, the second 50% of the total price same time. Thank you. Do it by clicking by paying through this paypal on the old post(click here for link). It has to be done as fast as possible or we are canceling your orders. For any other questions, contact us on our email or pm me via my facebook (add me to friends)


For the rest of us, we need to finish the final amount. Before, you have paid 14$ which was only 50% of the total price. Now we are asking you to complete the amount by paying the rest.

Please pay the rest by clicking on this following button:

  1. dang,I want one,but I have neither paypal nor credit card =,=, and its not like I have any money to spar this month T.T,well I already have 4 miku t-sirt so ill hold back for now( you know there is never too many if its for miku :3 )

  2. will/should we get any confirmation that both our payments have been recieved aside from paypal reciept? paid both parts on April 6th, and worried if there has been any problem with transaction that I’m unaware of.

    • Hello, we mostly email to people that are missing the payment. Everything went fine and just today we got the complete amount and already sending it to Ariza. I will soon write a new post. I am really sorry for all the inconveniences in our system, we are still polishing it and thanks for that great idea! We will definitely implement an email system! I gonna also remove the pre-order and order amount as people will trust us and that it is working, thus only 1 payment is sufficient. The next Wave will be much more easier to order and cheaper. Stay tuned!

  3. Hello i pay the 28 of the shirt in 2 payments, when do you think the shirt will ship, cause like i said in the email, i will be moving to usa on may 2 and i want to know if you will ship after or before that date. Thanks!!!

    • we currently talked with Ariza and he said he will need around 2-3weeks to finish the T-shirts. Then he will ship them! The shipping gonna take 3weeks around basedon ur location too. What adress did you choose?

      • The adress i choose is the place that i will move, because i expected between the order process and shipping will take some weeks. I hope you ship or at least mine after may 2 lol

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